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This is an original resin painting artwork in my "Coffee Shop" series. 

The edge is varnished and the work is ready to hang. 

Resin, Pigments, and wire on Wood Panel

20" x 20" x 1.75" (HWD)


perfect calm #1 (Everything remaining in its place)

  • I see patterns for every chord when I play guitar.  I don't automatically know what the notes or chords are but I see them in my mind and that directs me how to play them.  I realized one day that what I see in my mind is actually a blending of the physical pattern that my fingers are in for the chord but seen through what the sound looks like in my mind.  Weird, right? 

    I applied that principle to this series of paintings.  All of these are a mix of the physical world, what I see with my eyes, seen through the "lens" of what I see in my mind for the emotion at that time.  I was feeling complete calm at the C&P Coffee Shop in West Seattle one day, and I began to sketch what I saw through the emotion of complete calm.  It's a bit like looking at something with a fun-house mirror where shape and also color distort.  

    I like how this series turned out.  You may see what I saw with my eyes in these artworks but they are distorted.  I think this process better represents what I truly experience.

    These paintings are all created by pigmenting resin and painting it on to wood panels that I make.  I embed wire in the resin to create crisp dimensional lines, and etch and fill the resin to create complex patterns.  These works have a soft matte finish and have a lot of depth due to the layered resin, making them visually striking.

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