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Care for Encaustic Paintings

Encaustic wax paintings are very resilient.  There are encaustic murals that are over 2000 years old that have not faded or cracked!  Some simple care will ensure that your artwork will last for generations.


  1. To clean (if needed) buff with soft cloth gently to remove grime or fingerprints.  Ideal cloths are clean soft t-shirts.  Do not use cleaning solvents or water to clean the surface.  Do not use rough cloths or any cloth with dirt embedded as they will scratch the surface.  You can buff to a shine but I prefer the natural matte finish.  The cosmetic grade bee’s wax that I use is a natural material and a beautiful soft oxidation occurs on the surface.  This is my preferred finish.  If you really want a gloss finish you can buff the surface. The older the painting, the better it buffs as a result of the paint and wax medium tempering over time.

  2. Like any artwork, keep out of direct sun as certain pigments can fade over time. Very high heat may make the surface soft but will not change the appearance.  I hope your home never gets to the melting temperature of over 160 degrees F!

  3. Don’t touch the surface as oils can accumulate on the surface.  You can buff out most finger oil or grime if needed.

  4. To pack for shipping or moving use clear plastic sheeting or wax paper directly on the surface.  Cover that with foam core or cardboard and then a layer of bubble wrap . Do not put bubble wrap directly on the surface as it will leave ugly marks.

Care for Resin Paintings and Sculptures

Resin and steel are very resilient materials.  A few simple care steps will help to keep your artwork in great condition for generations.


  1. Dust with a soft dust brush.

  2. Like any artwork, keep out of direct sun as certain pigments can fade over time. 

  3. Clean with a very slightly damp soft cloth and then dry and buff with a clean cloth.  The best cloth is clean soft t-shirts or a microfiber cloth.  Excessive touching will cause a buildup of oils.  These can degrade the surface.  Don’t forbid touching (to me touching is a big part of the enjoyment of a sculpture), but clean after people have been touching a lot.

  4. To pack for shipping or moving wrap the piece in a soft cloth (t-shirts are pretty good for this) and then wrap in bubble wrap or even towels for a short move.  For shipping you should use several layers of bubble wrap and tape it up good in a heavy cardboard box.

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