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Artist Statement


My artwork captures the mystery of emotions, thoughts, and feelings that I see in my mind as rooms of distorted space and color.  The prominent body of my work consists of highly structured mixed media paintings and sculptures, with bold colors, textures, and many layers of depth.   To capture best what I see in my mind I have pioneered resin painting techniques that feel like something is hidden inside the work, like there is some mystery that I can't quite reach.  My studio often looks more like a workshop as my works require sculptural processes like grinding, cutting, etching and polishing.  I create in series of 5 to 30 works following a theme from the details of my life experiences such as, treating diseases in the jungles of Papua New Guinea, leading large groups of tech workers, or just my mundane or crazy life.   I love to explore something of myself in my work.  I create because I am still living, searching, confused, and normal. 

me 2024.jpg
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