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The story of "New Boss" Series



I am surprised to feel so suddenly passionate.  While having coffee and catching up with old friends, they grumble and joke about their new boss.  All normal. 


But their lighthearted complaining revealed cruel and vindictive mistreatment.  I care about these people -- nobody can treat them like this!  There are so many confusing emotions wrapped up in this moment.  Everything from nurturing to anger and bewilderment. 


These artworks each depict one of the emotions that I felt at the instant that I realized my friends were actually being harmed by their new boss.  Each emotion leads to another emotion and an emotion map is revealed. 


You can traverse my emotion map from this event and see parallels to your feelings from events in your life.   


Our feelings are complex, conflicting, and confusing.  Seeing the connections between single emotions helps with understanding how we jump from one strong feeling to another. 


I can still often feel rage toward their new boss, but now I know why, and can help them through it.

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