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This is an original resin painting artwork in my "Charmed!" series. 

The edge is painted and the work is ready to hang. 

Resin, Pigments, and Mixedmedia on Wood Panel

17" x 11" x 1.75" (HWD)


The stages of faith, 10. Nostalgia

  • Series name: "Charmed!"  People often tell me I have a charmed life.  My life seems effortless from their vantage point.  While I have enjoyed many affirming successes, I have also endured devastating failures.  Not knowing another’s difficult life path can make us believe that it has been easy for them – this is rarely, if ever, the case.  Success or failure I have worked hard and put in my sweat, energy, thought, introspection, and all of the resources that this life has given me.  These works are views into pieces of the successes and failures of my life and how I visualize them in my mind. 

    This work is created using techniques that I have developed using pigmented resin in combination with other media which produces a very vibrant work with many layers of depth.

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