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This is an original encaustic painting and is ready to hang. 

Encaustic on Solid Wood Panel

each panel is 7" x 5" x 0.75" (HWD)


Sacrificial triptych

  • I take important events in my life and create artworks from each of the individual emotions from one specific instant of that event.  This work is part of the 5x7 series (all the works are 5"x7") where I explore more general feelings and beliefs - expressing them without trying to understand fully.


    The Encaustic technique dates back to the Romans around 100 AD.  It involves heating wax with tree sap and pigments and burning the layers onto the panel.  It produces very interesting textures and depth that cannot be obtained from oil or acrylic. 

    These painting are created on salvaged barn wood.  The process of pigmenting, layering, scraping, gouging, image transfer, dripping and torching the wax creates the complex and essential interacting colors and textures that help represent the complex emotions.

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