This is an original artwork in my disordered matrix series.  

Resin and Lucite

10.5" x 10.5" x 1" (HWD)



  • The Disordered Matrix series is playing with the notion that one can arrange a life to be predictable, and that predictability is even desirable.  At first glance the pieces appear to be precise and in control.  With a longer look the beauty of each piece is revealed through the variations in and between each cell. The sculpture can appear to have other dimensions and movement in different light and at different angles.  The "imperfections" become the beauty and interest. 


    This particular work is representing the separated single emotion of being amused.  When interacting with this work it may bring up emotions related to, or completely separate from, the depicted core emotion which can give the viewer a greater understanding of their reaction to their personal experiences.